Alcazar – Take Ownership of Your Life

 Alcazar – Take Ownership of Your Life

We would like to speak about a subject called ‘Ownership of your life’. The question we would like to answer today is, ‘How do I take ownership of my life? How can I be the owner of my creation? How can I be the creator? How can I feel like I am the captain on my own ship?’ This is what we wish to talk about today. We’ve come to the habit of giving you lists, step-by-step procedures, and we will do so once again.

Step 1 – Accept and experience that everything in your life is your own creation

You are aware of the law of attraction, the law of creation. You’re willing to invest time and energy to master all the aspects about those two laws. Here you are, do you feel like you are the creator of your own life? An increasing awareness, yes? That will always remain the case. But, do you feel like you have full control over your experiences? Do you feel like all of your dreams have manifested already in your now based awareness? This is what we wish to talk about, how to manifest your dreams quicker. Ownership of your life.

T-shirt - hocus-pocus-focusThe word ownership is a very important word to us, because ownership means that you verify and understand that all the experiences that you have in your life are yours and yours alone. Meaning, there is no-one else influencing your experiences but you. Only you are the owner of your experiences.

There is no coincidence, there are no random events, there is no mystery when we speak about events, situations, emotions and thoughts, that happen and take place in your life. The word ‘ownership’ in that regard is a fitting word.

When you are the owner, when you are aware of your own ownership, then you know that since everything is yours and yours alone, it is only you that has to change. But getting there, allowing that idea to really, really and we mean really, be your experience, is, at least for some people, quite a big leap forward.

For some people it’s hard to understand, especially if your life at the moment, right now, in your experience, is full of contrasting situations that cause you to really want to be somewhere else, really cause you to want a different experience. If that is what you feel, it can be really difficult to master the idea of ownership. Nonetheless, we encourage you to do so, to feel that everything in your life is not only the way that it is, but is the way that it is because you have created it that way.

We can’t emphasise this enough, it really is important, because if you do not have the experience of ownership, you will feel that there are events and situations in your life that you can’t control, that you can’t change, and that simply isn’t true. But if you live with that idea, then you will feel like it’s out of your control, like it’s located somewhere that you can’t reach and it makes it even more difficult to change the parts which you do think are yours.

We encourage you to understand that everything in your experience is yours and that you’ve created it this way. What we’re not saying is that every bit of your creation is there because you consciously created it. What we are saying is that it’s there, the experience, for a reason. It’s there because it’s fitting with your current energy, with the shape of energy, with the frequency of energy, that you currently hold active within yourself. So, you have to accept that what you see, what you hear, what you touch, what you experience, is yours, is your experience and no-one else’s. That’s the very first step in this process. Accept and experience that everything in your life is your own creation.

Step 2 – Appreciate the complete experience

When you know what you know, when you know that your experience is the one that you created, you now are the owner of your own creation. When you are the owner, it’s much easier to see that everything is not difficult, but that everything is supposed to be easy and that when you want to change something, you can, because you are the only creator that can change your own experience. Then it’s time to only briefly look at the experience that you have right now. See what you like about it, see what you don’t like about it. Take what you like about it, take the good parts, and leave out all the rest.

In other words, if we’re looking at an experience that you don’t prefer any longer, it’s important that you look at the positive aspects about this experience. It’s important that you also feel and understand that the experience that you were living, you were experiencing, is a valuable one. That there was great meaning for you to experience it, that it wasn’t random, but it was there because you had created it.

This also rewards you, you reward yourself. By looking at the experience and saying, ‘I appreciate this and that about this experience,’ you appreciate yourself, you appreciate what you’ve done, what you’ve created, what you’ve set forth in this world, in this experience, in this now, that you are living.

Now comes the difficult part. It’s also very important to appreciate the parts that you didn’t like. To see that the parts that you didn’t like made you aware of different bits and aspects of yourself that you weren’t aware of before, at least not to this extent, and that those, you might call it negative aspects, have caused you to expand your awareness about who you are.

When you succeed in doing that, when you succeed in appreciating the wholeness of the experience, the total experience, even though you now review it as a negative one, make sure that you still understand that you are the owner, make sure that you appreciate yourself as a successful creator. That is the second step, appreciate the complete experience. Appreciate how it is now, as we’ve been saying earlier, make friends with how it is now. When you succeed in doing that, you can go to the third step.

Step 3 – Think about what you wish to experience

MOK - everything-is-always-working-out-for-meWhen you have arrived at step 3, you have a very clear mental picture about what you want, about the new experience that you wish to experience, the new experience that you wish to live. When you are there the only thing that you need to do is to think about that, think about what you want, what you wish to experience.

Think about all the positive aspects about the details that you will live when this experience manifests. It should give you a very joyous feeling, does it? With this sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and general positive feelings, you have found the best place to be, the best energy to stay at, to be in, in order for the new experience to manifest itself.

Allow yourself to see the beauty that is behind all of this, behind the process of experiencing something and then valuing those experiences. The ability that you have to value, to see them as valuable for yourself, that to us is beauty. So, none of this should be a difficult and hard life. Nothing should be and you can make it easy for yourself if you follow this three-step process.



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